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TCoH 4, Episodes 68-70

Maret 10, 2016

The outline of the story

Episode 68:
Ardina, Jovial, and Kevin were selected as crime solvers in the Netherlands. Medina and Kirana would be watching over them away from Amsterdam. That time, our Heroes were inspecting crime in The Hague. And… no sign of a Troll.

Episode 69:
Ardina, Jovial, and Kevin enjoyed the total solar eclipse back in Amsterdam and had a big glass of Heineken beer. Meanwhile, our Heroes discover that Mr. Aya’s hideaway has a third floor (which might not be Pusdai).

Episode 70:
Again, the three crime solvers saw Mr. Aya’s hideaway with their naked eyes. It indeed has a third floor. Ardina, Jovial, and Kevin were in Rotterdam when they saw it again. Meanwhile, Ahmad Izzah Patel fell in love with Ishmah Khairunnisa. In case you have wondered: Ahmad Izzah Patel is my friend in X IBB, real name Ahmad Izzah Ar-Rusli.

Episode 71 coming soon, as our Heroes inspect the windmills of Kinderdijk.


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