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TCoH 4, Episodes 71 and 72

Maret 12, 2016

Main plot of episode 71:
Ardina, Jovial, and Kevin went to Kinderdijk to inspect the windmills.

Episode 72
Fina and Hasna came to visit when Medina and Kirana were looking at Mr. Aya’s hideaway.

Fina: Hey guys, whatcha doin’?
Medina: Oh, hey, Fina. You know, stuff.
Hasna: You seem different.
Kirana: There’s like something suspicious in this hotel. Right in the 3rd floor.
Hasna: Oh. When are your seniors going back to Amsterdam?
Medina: Don’t know. They said they’re only gone for 2 days straight and now they haven’t come back. Where are they now when we need them? BTW, nice hair, Hasna (referring to Hasna’s short blonde wig).
Hasna: What? Oh, yeah. I haven’t took this off. (vanished constantly, then returns with her beautiful black hair) Now, where were we from?
Fina: We came to visit because Arap told us so.
Medina: Arap told you to pay us a visit? Speaking of which, what are the Red Team’s plans for the third leg?
Fina: Well, for the third leg, we planned to board an F/A-18C Super Hornet to Switzerland.
Hasna: That’s her boyfriend’s favorite plane.
(our Heroes enjoyed a chat…)

Meanwhile, Ardina, Jovial, and Kevin returned to the hotel where they slept and stayed.

Jovial: Phew! That sure was 5 whole tiring days.
Kevin: Yeah, if it weren’t for Ardina, we wouldn’t be this tired.
Ardina: Relax, guys. We gotta sleep if we wanna fight crime tomorrow, or the second leg won’t be finished!
(so they went to sleep)

And by the way, in case you have wondered, what happened to Ahmad Izzah Patel. We’ll talk about him in the next episode.


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