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TCoH 3, Episode 73 (part 2)

Maret 13, 2016

The fight has begun.

To make a long story short, however…

Mr. Aya had intended to push Ardina over from the third floor of his hideaway, although fearful… now Ardina is hanging by the roof.

Jovial: Easy, Ardina! Now hold my hand!
Ardina: I can’t! I’m too scared to move!
Hasna: Hang on, Ardina!
Jovial: Grab my hand! Grab my hand, quick!
Mr. Aya: No she won’t… I know I have to be brave to do this, but… (fearfully let go of Jovial’s hand. Now Ardina fell down to the ground and gasped for air) Now who’s boss?
Kevin: Not you, Sir! (pushed Mr. Aya over to the ground where the Trolls were angry at him)

Ardina woke up fast, much to the Trolls’ anger.

Mr. Sofwan: You little…! You have failed to destroy Nurul Ardina Putri, and yet you deliberately disobeyed us! Ardina would have been brought to the hospital if it weren’t for YOU!
Mr. Dadi and Mr. Tarmizi: Laaaame.
Mr. Sofwan: NOT LAME!
Mr. Agus: Awesomely lame! HAHAHA! AAAAHAHAHAHA!
Mr. Sofwan: You too! (angrily goggled his eyes at Mr. Aya) Aya, you are confined to your room without dinner! That shall give you plenty of time to think about what you’ve done!
Mr. Aya: But, Boss, I–
Mr. Sofwan: NOW! (imitating Riley’s dad, but fiercer)

Ardina: Guys, we have solved the crime. I wouldn’t have imagined my life without you. Yes, you. Jovial, Kevin, Medina, and Kirana. Also, I want to remind you that Ahmad Izzah Patel here is not actually Ahmad Izzah Patel. Let’s see. (screams as she found out that Patel is actually the black-haired ghost from Emily Wants to Play. Ardina fainted instantly)

Back in Berlin…
Arap: Hmmm, this is quite serious. We both had the same heart failure. But, let’s get the Chief and talk about it.

Chief: Guys, with this we want to tell you that the second leg of our European trip has finished! Congratulations to our Hits Heroes who had successfully fought crime in Ireland, the UK, Germany, Belgium, and the Netherlands! But we must remind you that tomorrow is the beginning of leg 3! Give applause to yourselves!
(all applause)

Leg 3:
– Luxembourg (Dzaky)
– France (Tasya)
– Monaco (Medina)
– Switzerland (Arap)
– Liechtenstein (Mufida)


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