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Annoying Orange – Ask Orange #20: Deleting YouTube?!

Maret 14, 2016

Orange: Worrrd up, fruit lovers! You guys had ton of questions lately, and I’m gonna do my best to catch up.
Ketchup: You rang?
Orange: Oh, no. I said “catch up”.
Ketchup: That’s my name.
Orange: Not “ketchup”. I said “catch up”!
Ketchup: Am I missing something here that’s my name?
Orange: (groans) Can we just roll to the first question, please?

Butterfingerslap Tyler asks:
Knock knock

Orange: Oooh, I love these! Who’s there?


Orange: Orange who?

orange TNT

Orange: Orange TNT? What on Earth does that mean?
Orange TNT (literally an orange-colored TNT with Orange-like face) Hey! I’m Orange TNT!
Orange: Whoa!
Orange TNT: Can you do this? (babbles)
Orange: Disguised dynamite! (laughs)
Orange TNT: Hey! Wanna see me touch my tongue to my detonator?
Orange: Sure!
Pear: DUDE!
(Orange TNT touched his tongue to his detonator, and the episode began)

Announcer: It’s time for Ask Orange!
Orange: Now let’s start tackling these questions!

Maria Luz Cortez asks:
Do something funey

Orange: No problem! Here it goes!
Grapefruit: Not so fast!
Orange: Grapefruit? What are you doing?
Grapefruit: This is a hostile takeover. I think it’s time one of the other characters got a chance to shine on Ask Orange. You’ve been hogging the spotlight. Why not let me answer a question for once, Sir? I can be funny! I have really tight 12-minute stand-up set, I’ll have you know. And I own a whoopie cushion.
Orange: Um, OK. You wanna answer the next question?
Grapefruit: I thought you never asked! Roll it!

HappyKittenz asks:
Do not put me on ask orange or sqash will squash u

Grapefruit: Huh? Wh-what? No! No! Give me that question–
(Squash squashed Grapefruit)
Squash: Eeeehehehehew!
Orange: Em… next question, I guess?

Eric Cowell asks:
Spell icup

Orange: Easy! I-C-U-P.
Pear: Dude, you seriously fell for that?
Orange: Fell for what? Did I spell it wrong or something?
Pear: No. But–
Orange: It’s I-C-U-P. i-Cup. I’m looking at it right there. i-Cup. I-C-U-P.
Pear: Think about what you’re saying, dude. I-C-U-P?
Orange: Gross! You watch me pee? (laughs)
Pear: (groans in annoyance)

Melissa Sweem asks:
Annoying orange, if u were real, Would u sign me an autograph?

Orange (holding a black-and-white photo of himself and a pen): I’m not real?!

Jo L Yarnall asks:
say hi rachel

Orange: Hi, Rachel!
Midget Apple: Hi, Rachel!
Pear and Marshmallow: Hi, Rachel!

Camryn Moore asks:
can pear twerk

Orange: He sure can! Hit it, Pear!
Pear: (groans) Fine. But this is the last time, OK? (twerks to electronic music)
Orange: Look at that Pear’s derriere! (laughs)

Savio Vega asks:
Grow legs

Orange (growing legs): (screams) Ohhh. Hey, they’re super pretty. (laughs) Look what I can do! (dances) Oh, can you do the Can-Can if you can than I can? (laughs)

Lily Ashley asks:
can you have a kick boxing face off with copper Lincoln?

Copper Lincoln: Oh, yeah! Let’s fight, yo!
Orange (still dancing): Can-Can, can you do the Can-Can…
Copper Lincoln: Ey yo, we’re kick-box fight, I don’t know what, Orange.
Orange: (babbles in tune)
Copper Lincoln: ORANGE! FIGHT ME!
Orange: Oh yeah, sorry. (kicks Copper Lincoln. laughs) Can-Can, can you do the Can-Can, (babbles)

Rushy-blu Kitten asks:
Hey orange! Theres some chocolate on the table!

Orange: Ohhh!

It’s actually poop!

Orange: Ewww!

shadowpaw aj asks:
is marsh boy or gal TELL ME OR I DELETE U UTUBE

Orange: (shocked) Delete YouTube? (screams) Marshmallow! You gotta tell us!
Marshmallow: Tell you what?
Orange: If you’re a boy or a girl! Quick! The clock is ticking!
Marshmallow: Yay!
Orange: Hurry! YOU GOTTA HURRY!
Marshmallow: OK, OK. I’ll tell you… right after I finish this tube of chapstick!
Orange: Ahhh! No one has ever finished a tube of chapstick!
Marshmallow: (giggles)
Orange: Tell us if you’re a boy or a girl before all of YouTube gets deleted–

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I do not own AO.
All rights belong to Daneboe.


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