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5 facts you didn’t know about Edho Zell

Maret 15, 2016

After doing facts about Reza Arap, I’m doing 5 facts that y’all didn’t know about Edho Zell, your favorite Indonesian YouTube comedian truly.

  1. He spends a long time in the shower, like Gladys Doveri and Alter Ego.
  2. He has a hobby of nose-picking.
  3. He is actually tone-deaf.
  4. He was a playboy.
  5. He is obsessed with vanilla; his perfume is vanilla, his car deodorizer is vanilla, even when he eats ice cream, he likes vanilla. He also once had a girlfriend named Vanilla.

Fruity Question of the Day (#TeamAO):
Are you #TeamVanilla or #TeamChocolate?


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