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Hasna Lathifah releases video clip for “Rude boy”

Maret 15, 2016

Don’t know if it’s real or not, but Hasna Lathifah has released her “Rude boy” video clip. And the video shows a different side of her indeed; it shows her feminine side, if all this time I know Hasna as a boyish girl.

The video mainly focuses on Hasna herself, dancing in a room with pink lighting. There are several close-ups of her face, admiring herself. Oh yeah, there are also female dancers who closely resemble Alter Ego, wearing white jumpsuits and white helmets. At almost the end of the video clip, they take off their helmets and whipped their hair. Hasna herself, she’s wearing a black T-shirt and a pair of green shorts the entire video.

And can you guess which school Hasna studies in? You guessed it. Same as me, in Alfa Centauri Senior High School, class X IIS 2. She’s my classmate.


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