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Argo reveals staging concept for Greece

Maret 20, 2016

Argo, the Greek folk hip-hop group and representative of Greece in Eurovision 2016, has revealed what their staging concept will look like in Stockholm. Considering their Pontian music style, they will do some Pontian dances.

Pontian dance

More Pontian dances.jpg

Even more Pontian dances

Above are images of Pontian dances.

Wait – the members of Argo aren’t the only ones dancing on stage. They will be joined on stage by a talented Greek dancer, Vasilis Roxenos.

According to EBU rules, the Eurovision stage only allows 6 people, therefore Argo will sit out one member of the group; and that would be Ilias Kesidis, one of the vocalists. He remains part of the group and will match performances from the Green Room.

Hopefully Greece will qualify to the final, as in previous years, where they never miss out a final.


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