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TCoH 4, Episode 81

Maret 21, 2016

The episode begins with the Trolls stealing the gargoyles from Notre Dame Cathedral. As they carry them to their secret base, Cindy Johnson opened her eyes in fear, but still lying in bed.

Meanwhile, this morning, Tasya was preparing her morning with a smile on her face. She was drying her hair in her room when…

Edho: Hello? Chief? What?! A case coming from Paris? OK. I’ll call Tasya. Thank you. (rushes to Tasya’s room) Tasya! There’s a case coming from France.
Tasya: France? Really? I love that place! But what’s the case?

National treasure stolen from Paris.
The treasure has been identified as the gargoyles from Notre Dame.
Female suspect reported at the scene of the crime.
Your assignment:
Track down the thief from Paris to her hideout and arrest her!
You must apprehend the thief by Sunday, 5pm.
Good luck, Inspector Tasya.

Edho: Considering you CAN actually speak French fluently, solving this case isn’t quite hard. But watch out, as your sadness will be controlled. You mind if I actually take you to France?
Tasya: Nope, I’m fine. Bye, Edho. Au revoir!
Edho: Have fun! And bring me back some mille-feuille!

Meanwhile, Cindy Johnson was seen having a bath, submerged in condensed milk mixed with whitewash. She submerged for 5 minutes, then came out as if wearing a white latex jumpsuit. Her entire body, except for head and hair, are covered in condensed milk and whitewash, making her… Alter Ego.

Tasya arrived in Paris, in the Champs-Elysees district, with Pear. Then, her gaze fixed at a woman wearing a white jumpsuit and white astronaut-like helmet. It is Alter Ego.

Tasya: Wait, Pear. Isn’t that… Alter Ego?
Pear: Don’t know, why’d you ask?
Tasya: She’s my favorite superhero! I admire her beauty and flawlessness! I’d better greet him and sign me her autograph. (rushes to Alter Ego) Alter Ego!
Alter Ego: Hey, Tasya! Wow, you’ve grown up lately.
Tasya: (touches Alter Ego’s “jumpsuit”) Wow, your skin is so… smooth. I wish I have skin just like yours. My skin’s dry.
Alter Ego: You want to join us? Follow me.

Alter Ego took Tasya and Pear to a place (most likely a school) whose students are all females, wearing “jumpsuits” like her. The teachers were also females, and they also wore the same clothes. Tasya then introduced herself confidently in French.

Episode 82 coming soon, as Tasya undergo various treatments to become an Alter Ego clone.


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