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TCoH 4, Episodes 82-84

Maret 24, 2016

Episode 82:
Tasya discovered her intolerance for dairy once again during a training to become an Alter Ego; neither she can have nor apply it to her skin.

Episode 83:
Tasya decided to refresh her brain by exploring Paris.

Episode 84:
The Trolls were dancing around a campfire, bringing the gargoyles from Notre Dame that Mr. Dadi took. Look how he didn’t smile during dancing. Meanwhile, Tasya was still working on a PVC suit that she stole from a fashion store in Paris back the other day. However, Cindy Johnson discovered that the Alter Ego suits are from condensed milk and whitewash since she found out they’re durable and don’t easily rip.

In episode 84, which is exactly THIS episode, the Trolls were dancing with a happy face around a campfire, while Mr. Dadi did not. He gave that sad face again, and he danced very weakly. The music they played was Amir Haddad’s “J’ai cherche”.


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