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Why are there white and black Alter Egos?

Maret 24, 2016

The French story I wrote this week will focus on unique superheroes called “Alter Egos”. But do you know that there are actually white and black Alter Egos?

First off…
White Alter Egos are the normal ones. They are all females, wearing jumpsuit-like clothes made of condensed milk mixed with whitewash. Cindy Johnson is one of them. Every morning, women will dip into this mixture and submerge for 5 minutes before showering, leaving their skin coated in white. This doesn’t apply to their hair and face, though, rather making their hair even smoother and retain its color. After 5 minutes, they would take a shower and the suit doesn’t wash away.

Black Alter Egos on the other hands, are all males and wear simply black kevlar suits, resembling Batman.

Both white and black Alter Egos are inseparable from helmets.


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