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TCoH 4, Episode 87

Maret 27, 2016

Main plot of this episode:
Yesterday, Tasya tried to become an Alter Ego by stealing a white PVC outfit, which didn’t end in luck. She fell off to the place where the Trolls were hiding, the outfit ripped on a tree twig, and she was naked. Later, Mr. Dadi brought her some wolves, which bit her butt.

When she arrived at the hotel, fully clothed and crying, Tasya was angry at herself for being unable to become an Alter Ego like Cindy Johnson. Luckily, Amir confided her. Still crying, Tasya expressed her intolerance for dairy and why she didn’t want to dip in the condensed milk and whitewash mixture. Amir cheered her up again and led her to the bathroom, where he filled the tub up with condensed milk and whitewash. He told Tasya to dip in and submerge for 5 minutes.

Now, back to the episode.
The Trolls were listening to Ivan’s “Help you fly” once again.

Mr. Tarmizi: Psssh. Thanks. There’s 10 seconds of my life I’ll never get back.
Mr. Dadi: La– (Mr. Sofwan slaps him in the mouth)
Mr. Sofwan: How many times I should tell you? We are not lame!
Mr. Dadi: (groans) This show jumped the start 5 YEARS ago, like when we got annoyed by that orange…
Mr. Sofwan: Relax, Di. He has nothing to do with us anymore. Now go get Tasya and beat her!
Mr. Dadi: You tell me to do that once again, or I–
Tasya: Hey! What the heck are you doing? (she is now seen covered in a PVC-like catsuit, and Pear is “albino”)
Trolls: (shocked) TASYA?!?!
Mr. Dadi: Thanks a lot. Like when you first discovered that we stole the Notre Dame’s gargoyles, and you actually stole the PVC outfit from a clothing store in Paris– I won’t allow such things to Hits Radio. (walks around Tasya) I won’t go easy on you! Let’s have a battle to prove who’s stronger!
Tasya: OK! Ready, Pear?
Pear: Always ready!

And BOOM. With a single Hydro Cannon after a long battle, Mr. Dadi was successfully beaten up by Pear; but he wasn’t brought to jail. But look at the bright side of life. Tasya was congratulated by several Alter Egos, and they even gave her own Alter Ego costume with her favorite color, blue.

The episode ended with the Alter Egos touching and admiring each other’s skin.

Next story: Monaco
When Medina and Kirana were visiting the land of casinos, they fought over their favorite ice cream flavor. Will their friendship end? Or will they still be friends?

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