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New character of the month: Layla Haitham

Maret 30, 2016

I know I almost forgot to introduce a new character in TCoH 4 for this month, so here it goes.

Her name is Layla Haitham, a Swiss-German woman of Greek and Kuwaiti descent. Her skin, like most Arab people, is a mix of fair and tan. She has long black hair, like Cindy Johnson, but longer. In TCoH 4, she works in BPP-Stuttgart as a physics teacher.

(Whoa, think about it. A beautiful Arab woman who teaches physics. No wonder Ghafiki falls in love more and more with that subject.)

But we’re not going to talk about that.

She first appeared in the third part of the Monegasque story, which is exactly THIS episode.

Layla is 23 years old, born in Kuwait City on May 6, 1992.


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