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Maret 31, 2016

I have some bad news.

I think it’s time that we take some time to take some time in the time of our lifetime. You see, my paternal grandmother, Siti Koestiah, had turned 77 last week. She’s growing older and now she’s sickly. She can’t walk by herself now. She has to ask for help from Tante Atik, my dad’s younger sister (my dad’s the oldest child in his family, and Tante Atik’s the only daughter). And when she passed away someday, me and my mom will move to the US and live there for 2 years.

I’m afraid this is goodbye. It feels heavy to say goodbye to Indonesia. To say goodbye to Indonesia, its 17,504 islands, it’s red-and-white flag, and… my friends in Alfa Centauri Senior High School. They are so cute and sweet and they will be missed. I had to think again when I first moved to Indonesia. 15 years and now I can’t seem to hold my tears when my mom asked me to come with her to the US to move.

Say thanks to everyone. To X IIS 2, Ms. Wulan, Rizqi, Hasna, Azka, Kirana, Faiz, Hizkia, Rafii, Mory (or Akmal), Najla, Annisa, Harfiza, Bryan, Gagas, Nadhira, Maul(ani), and the cute Nadiefa. I will miss you all.

Say thanks to Ghafiki, my BEST FRIEND for almost 3 years. Thank you, dude. Without you I would never learn how to live a manly life. Without you I would never hate Frozen until today. I would never learn to hate Inside Out and Bing Bong. Thank you, thank you, thank you. You are my best friend.

Say thanks to Fina, my girlfriend since 2013. I love you, you know you’re going to miss me when I’m gone to the US until 2018. I love you, and maybe we can share one last kiss before I go.

Say thanks to all the Alcent JHS alumni in Alcent SHS (other than ones in X IIS 2); Rafsan, Cesis, Bobby, Ghina, Anggun R., Thirafy, Haura, Firas, Hasan and Husain, Firdho, Musda, Rifannisa (or Paw), Fauzan A., Celine, Zharfan, and who could never forget Acep Hudan. I will miss you all.


I pranked you all!

I’m not moving, I’ll still be in Indonesia.


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