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TCoH 4, Episodes 89-93

April 3, 2016

Episodes 89-93:
Medina decided to go around Monaco without Kirana, until she discovered secrets behind the Monte Carlo Casino.

At this point of the Monegasque story, Medina and Kirana were still fighting whether they prefer vanilla or chocolate. When they discovered a secret door that leads to rescuing Dilla, Medina decided to take the vanilla path, while Kirana decided otherwise. But a fire on the casino forced them to become friends again!

P.S.: This April, I will announce a new character. It’s yet another female character, and her name is Jennifer Cagarino, a Filipino-Austrian museum tour guide in the Museum of Military History, Vienna, Austria. She has the same height, hair, and skin tone as Gladys, Cindy, and Layla.


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