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History for senior high school

April 4, 2016

Every class learns history. MIA, IIS, IBB… however, in IIS, they study general history (sejarah peminatan) aside from Indonesian history, a kind of history that MIA and IBB only learn.

History for 10th grade:
1. Human and history
2. The scope and ways of historical thinking
3. Historical research and writing
4. Ancient human of Indonesia and the world
5. Community life of pre-literacy in Indonesia
6. Early civilizations of the world

History for 11th grade:
1. Major kingdoms in Indonesia at Hindu-Buddhist and Islamic times
2. Events in Europe which affect the life of mankind
3. World revolution and its repercussions for mankind
4. Ideology of the world and its impact on the independence movement in Asia and Africa
5. World War and world institutions
6. Resurrection of heroism and national consciousness
7. Proclamation of the independence of Indonesia

History of 12th grade:
1. Cold War
2. Global and regional organizations
3. Contemporary world history
4. Struggle to defend the integrity of the Unitary Republic of Indonesia
5. Liberal democracy and guided democracy
6. Indonesia in the New Order and Reform
7. Technological revolution of the 20th century


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