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How did the Monegasque story end?

April 4, 2016

If you were following the Monegasque story these days, it’s time for us to know the ending…

The casino was on fire. Dilla was rescued from possession, but Medina nearly died. Kirana cried. When Medina woke up, she muttered “I need chocolate ice cream”, and Kirana gave her a piece of her chocolate ice cream she hadn’t finished for days. And still hella good.

The episode ends with Dilla becoming part of Indovidgram with the others and Mas Ghifari and the Purple Gem of Diplomacy restored.

With this, our Heroes’ adventure in Western Europe has come to an end and the Central European adventures has begun.

And in the Swiss story this week, join Arap, Fina, and Hasna as they save the Sundanese Event 2016 and meet Layla Haitham.


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