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TCoH 4, Episode 95

April 4, 2016

The episode begins with Arap waking up in a very good mood. He went outside for a breath of fresh air, when he suddenly heard a phone call…

*ring ring*
Arap: (picks up the phone) Hello? Chief? What? A very important case? OK. I’ll call the girls. (hangs up)

Meanwhile, in the bathroom, Fina and Hasna were admiring their hair.

Fina: Has, what shampoo are you using?
Hasna: I’m using Lifebuoy.
Fina: Why, I’m using Sunsilk.
Hasna: Oh, really?
Fina: Uh-huh.
(they were chattering)
Arap: You! (tweaks Fina and Hasna’s ears) Don’t you listen? THIS IS AN IMPORTANT CASE! We’re going to Switzerland! Someone stole their entire supply of Rolex watches. We gotta be quick, ’cause my friend Layla Haitham from Kuwait is waiting. And don’t forget we will also be watching Sundanese Event 2016 there! Now pack your bags and get going! We’re going by F-18!

In case you are still wondering; F-18 might not be a passenger plane, but the captain says exactly the same as they would do in one.

F-18 Captain: This is your captain speaking. F/A-18E Super Hornet is now departing for Zurich, Switzerland. Fasten your seatbelts and enjoy the flight. Hope you liked the in-board movie.
Arap: Now, girls, we’re not gonna wear seatbelts. We’re gonna cause chaos in this plane until we arrive in Zurich!
Fina: No, Kang. We can’t do that!
Hasna: Yeah. Fighter planes crash easily when we jump around inside them.
Arap: Argh. Who cares? We will dance around like we don’t give a f**k!
Fina and Hasna: Um… OK.

So they danced around like crazy in the plane. Oddly enough, unlike most fighter planes that crash when people dance in it, the F-18 they were in didn’t crash, not even in Mount Matterhorn. BTW, Koharo and Andovi weren’t there with Arap. That’s why he asked Fina and Hasna to go with him. They were in Switzerland already.

Fina: Wow, the Rhine Falls! So this must be Switzerland! Ahhh, I’ve always wanted to go there with Yudhis. The place is so beautiful, the wildlife is untouched, I love it!
Arap: Get ready, girls! We’re gonna jump out of the plane as soon as it lands!
F-18 Captain: Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. This is your captain speaking. F-A/18E Super Hornet will land in Zurich, Switzerland in 5 minutes. Fasten your seatbelts.
Arap: Who cares?!
Hasna: Kang, we have to. It’s for safety. We’re afraid the plane will stall.
Arap: Nobody cares! We just have to jump in 5 minutes!
Fina and Hasna: (imitating AO) You’re an apple.
Arap: Am not! We have to live flexible, don’t stick with the rules!
Fina: If you say so…

As soon as the plane is about to land, our Heroes jump out of the plane relentlessly. And boom. There they go. To Zurich.

They met Layla Haitham, Arap’s childhood friend, a Swiss-German woman of Kuwaiti and Greek descent. This is the first time the girls have met Layla. She’s so beautiful, with an Arab face, long black hair, and tan skin. She was also wearing a yellow-tan dress.

Layla took them to the venue of SE’16. It was so vintage in there. A basketball court, wasn’t so bad after all.


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