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Not an April Fools joke, Rauzan’s father passed away

April 7, 2016

Alfa Centauri Senior High School is back in grieving. After 2 months Mr. Sony Sugema left us, our friend from X IBB, Muhammad Rauzan Fikri Adlani, has lost his beloved father.

Maybe a lot of you suspected it was just a mere April Fools’ Day joke. But this news has been justified by Rauzan’s family. His father has faced the Creator after Isha, Thursday, April 7, 2016. The reason, Rauzan’s father fell down while running his business about 5.00 this afternoon. He was taken to Santo Borromeus Hospital, but his life was never saved.

We, the whole family of Alfa Centauri SHS, especially from the IIS-IBB clan, are sending our very deepest condolences over the death of Rauzan’s father. May his soul received by the hands of the Almighty Allah, and hopefully the left ones are given fortitude. Aamiin.

This is another sad year for Angkatan Sembilan SDHT. 2 years ago Dimas lost his mother, some months ago last year Arsy lost her uncle in Garut, in October 2015 siblings Ghafiki and Medina lost their paternal grandmother, and now Rauzan lost his father.


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