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TCoH 4, Episode 96-98

April 7, 2016

Episode 96:
It was Fina’s birthday, and almost the entire gang helped. They had fun.

Episode 97:
Arap, Koharo, and Andovi planned their trip to Geneva by feet. There they will discuss about Threedom’s grand reunion in Austria.

Episode 98:
Arap, Koharo, Andovi, Fina, and Hasna arrived in Geneva to discuss about the reunion. The Trolls were there, and, do I forget – this marks another Ghafiki-Sahda arc. The couple were there too. But Orange’s appearance changed everything. Arap lost his temper, the Trolls were annoyed, and Sahda fainted. Fina was very angry at him.

Don’t forget that exactly in this episode, Episode 98, Arap and Mr. Sofwan fought a lot, and the latter knocked the former down to the floor recently.


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