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TCoH 4, Episodes 98-100

April 9, 2016

Episode 98:
Actually continued from the same episode, Arap stayed in Ghafiki’s room after that incident when Sahda fainted from annoyance. Upon hearing news that Rauzan’s father passed away, they were shocked and headed straight for the scene of his death.

Episode 99:
To be honest tho’, we’ve never seen Fina this angry at Orange. She scolded him before she and Hasna went to sleep. Meanwhile, Arap, Koharo, and Andovi were forced to camp out in the Swiss Alps after a snowstorm blocked their way to Bern.

Episode 100:
After hours of walking down the Swiss Alps with lack of food and water, Arap and the other men survived. And in this point of episode Arap once again went into an anger issue after falling out from his Alter Ego jetpack.


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