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TCoH 4, Episode 101

April 10, 2016

To make a long story short…

Arap taught Mr. Sofwan a lesson so that the Trolls don’t ruin their practice for Threedom’s grand reunion.

After a long argument, Arap, Koharo, and Andovi challenged Mr. Sofwan to a dance battle. But that didn’t end with luck. As soon as the Trolls marked them as “lame”, it was the girls who challenged them for a Pokefruit battle, much to Mr. Sofwan’s dismay. As always, Fina sent out Orange and Hasna sent out Kumquat. Mr. Sofwan decided to beat them by his own body.

The Trolls were easily beaten, but they somehow would be back again tomorrow.

NOTE: In case you’re still wondering, where’s the part of this episode that has the Ghafiki-Sahda arc. Indeed there IS a part where Ghafiki drove his dad’s car to the hospital where doctors lended some ammonium hydroxide to that girlfriend of his.

Now, back to the story.

Layla: Well done, Arap! You beat the Trolls! Thank you, Rap! You’re my hero.
Arap: Oh, no, Lay. Don’t thank me. Thank my girls. Afiany Nur Fadilah and Hasna Lathifah. Their extremely ill-behaved citrus fruits beat the Trolls, sending them to another country.
Layla: Thank you, Fina. Thank you, Hasna. Without you, we won’t have another rehearsal day for Threedom’s reunion.
Fina: And it’s all thanks to the Annoying Orange and the Obnoxious Kumquat!
Orange: We’re not annoying, we’re oranges! (laughs with Kumquat)
Arap: Oh yeah, I forgot to tell them. Girls! (approaches Fina and Hasna) I want you to meet Rykka. She’s my idol, a Canadian-Swiss singer who happens to represent Switzerland in the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest 2016.
Fina and Hasna: Hi, Ms. Rykka!
Rykka: Please – call me Rykka. And by the way, I want to award you, the Red Team, this – the official Crystal Swiss Cheese. It’s 100% pure diamond, and promise you won’t break it. Oh, and send my regards to the other Hits Heroes. I’ve been listening to Hits Radio these other days!
Arap: No prob’, Christina Maria Rieder! I mean, Rykka. (now back to Koharo and Andovi) Guys, we did it! High five!
(the episode ends with Arap, Koharo, Andovi, Fina, and Hasna doing a high five)

DON’T FORGET – tomorrow marks the end of Leg 3, with the Yellow Team visiting Liechtenstein, practicing for the reunion, and dealing with the Trolls once again. The Liechtenstein story will focus on Mufida, Najla, and Bryan.



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