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TCoH 4, Episode 109

April 18, 2016

The episode began when Fina woke up from her bed. She tried to wake Hasna up.

Fina: Hasna! Hasna, wake up!
Hasna: (still sleepy) What is it, Fina?
Fina: We’re going to Austria! I got an e-mail from the Austrian Air Force Museum saying this is real!
Hasna: OK, OK. I’m up.

After they prepared everything, from showering to getting dressed, they walked past the dining room where Arap saw them.

Arap: Girls.
Fina and Hasna: Huh?
Arap: Where are you going so early?
Hasna: Um… to do our chores?
Fina: Yeah!
Arap: Not without breakfast, you aren’t.
(Fina and Hasna thought for a moment)
Hasna: That’s OK. We’re not hungry.
Fina: Bye, Rap! Gotta go!

The girls arrived in Vienna, the capital of Austria. They went to the Austrian Air Force Museum. Everything is neat, from the showcase and fighter plane miniatures. But the most interesting thing is in a corner. There she is, a beautiful 23-year-old woman wearing a white T-shirt and a pair of black PVC thigh-length pants. Her brown hair is tied up in a bun, showing her smooth neck. As I mentioned several times before, it is Jennifer Cagarino, the Filipino-Austrian tour guide in the museum.

Jennifer: Welcome to the Austrian Air Force Museum! I’m Jennifer Cagarino, your tour guide. Let’s take a stroll.
Hasna: (she’s, uh, staring me adoringly…)
Fina: Has, what are you looking at?
Hasna: No, it was the F-15 miniature. Not the tour guide.

But Hasna really is fascinated by Jennifer, not the F-15 miniature she mentioned to Fina. Even then, she is not really a fighter plane freak.

Fina: Thanks for showing us the museum. I really enjoy it!
Jennifer: Don’t mention it. BTW, how did you come here?
Hasna: Don’t tell me you invited us… because of a case?!
Jennifer: Oh, that reminds me! I’ll be back later. (rushes to the office shower room where cases usually await, then comes back) Here you go.
Fina: (reads the case loudly)

To: Afiany Nur Fadilah
From: The Chief

They’re mighty cross in Austria, because someone stole a stick. Not just any stick, mind you. It’s the baton used to lead the Vienna Boys Choir. Without it, the hills are alive with the sound of… nothing. It’s up to you, to make the music blow again, gumshoe!

You must apprehend the thief by Sunday, 10PM.
Good luck, Senior Investigator Fina.

Fina: This is insane. We do this for… classical music?
Hasna: Yeah, what’s so wrong with classical music?
Fina: It’s not my cup of tea. But whatever it takes, someone must bring this musical marauder to jail!
Jennifer: And whose job do you think it is?
Fina: My job! (her body shines) Come on, Hasna, we gotta go!
Jennifer: Have fun, girls! And don’t get too cold!
(just then, Mr. Sofwan came along)
Mr. Sofwan: Well, well, well, look who I have here. Nice to meet you, Ms. Cagarino.
Jennifer: Please, call me Jennifer.
Mr. Sofwan: Oh. I heard you are the center of attention in this museum?
Jennifer: I am. How does this look to you? (lets her hair loose and fall on the floor)
Mr. Sofwan: (mimicking Serhat) I’ve got to say, I’m addicted.

Part of the story continues as Fina and Hasna practice for the Threedom reunion.


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