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Unpleasant news

April 24, 2016

Sorry I haven’t been posting anything for a long time – this is in case of an unpleasant news.

On Thursday, I was boarding the nearest city carrier back home from school. Then I saw this beggar begging for some money – he was tall, big, purple-haired, and has a wire in his mouth. I thought the beggar was handing me money because he had 500 cents on his hand, so I took it politely. But it didn’t turn out right – the beggar was angry with me. He punched me in the face and ripped my money whole.

I became angry and complained to my mom.

So I had to give up and I thought no more city carriers for me.

Positive message we can get: don’t give anything to beggars or civilians, but don’t take what’s on their hand either.


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