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Ancient Rome

Mei 4, 2016

Ancient Rome indeed has a connection with Ancient Greece.

Ancient Rome is a civilization that grew from a Roman polis established in the Italian Peninsula, around the 9th century BC. For 12 centuries, Roman culture changed from a monarchy to a oligarchic republic, which changed again into a great empire. At the peak of its development, Rome successfully conquered Western Europe and areas around the Mediterranean Sea.

The center of Roman civilization is situated in the Apennine Peninsula or what is now Italy. This peninsula, if coupled with Sicily, looks like a foot kicking a ball. Like Greece’s natural condition, Italy’s natural condition is also mountainous. The mountainous soil condition also had a function as a barrier from enemy attacks from abroad. However, in northern Rome, there are valleys and rivers that connect Rome with Central Europe.

The people that occupied Italy at first were Ligurian people. Then came the Umbrian, Latin, and Samnite peoples from Central Europe. After that also came the Etruscan people of Minor Asia. In the next period, in came Carthaginian and Greek people who established a colony in Southern Italy. The good climate for agriculture throughout the year made the Italian people prosperous shepherds and farmers. Roman people lived from farming, producing wheat, maize, and grapes.

Around 492, Latium as the place where the city of Rome stood was successfully ruled by the Etruscan. However, in 500 BC the Latin people struggled to the kingdom of Etruria and successfully liberated themselves. The Latin people who were originally farmers, after defeating the Etruscan conquerors, then became a major ruling class by conquering nations around them.

Think about the artifacts they have from Ancient Rome! They have the Temple of Zeus in Olympia, Greece, the Temple of Jupiter in Baalbek, Lebanon, the Pantheon in modern Rome, modern Roman mausoleums, theaters in Pompeii, Solona, and Asperados, amphitheaters, and who could forget the Colosseum. Millions of gladiators defeated lions here.

Thanks to Hasna Lathifah, Nadiefa Hasna Shabiya, Harfiza Irdhany Aufa, and Achmad Anggadikusumah Adriano who took us back to Ancient Rome by showing us the movie of “Gladiator”.

I will write more about Rome and Italy, where Fina and Hasna met the Three Idiots (Awong, Galih, and Ale) from TCoH 1-2.


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