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Teaser for Italian story

Mei 6, 2016

The Italian story might not be out until June, but Fina will have to come face-to-face with Maul (Maulani Salsabila) again, this time with the help of Hasna, me, and the Shelwy Crew (none other than Ghafiki and Sahda). Also, the Three Idiots mark their return to The Chronicles of Hits.

Once again, Fina and Hasna will discover more secrets of fighter planes, this time the Eurofighter Typhoon (in the ownership of Maul). She has to beware of her anti-aircraft gun – she will shoot Su-30, F-16, F-15, F-18, and Su-27 in that order. Now it’s up to that girlfriend of mine – who apparently is facing premenstrual syndrome – to destroy Maul’s AA gun and save her favorite plane! Will she fly high? Or will she flop?

Find out in the Italian story: Ramadhan, Italian Style!
Coming soon, June 13-19, 2016.


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