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Poland = the last country in leg 4 (and more TCoH 4 updates)

Mei 21, 2016

Since continuing from next week I will leap into leg 5 of TCoH 4, that means Poland is the last country of leg 4, and the last country in Central Europe to be visited by our Heroes.

Leg 5 comes in, with:
– Portugal (Devina)
– Spain (Aulion)
– Andorra (Tasya)
– Italy (Fina)
– San Marino (Ardina)

Don’t forget: Next month’s character of the month in TCoH 4 is none other than this year’s Italian Eurovision entrant, Francesca Michielin. She is the beautiful teacher in the Italian Air Force Academy in Rome, which Fina, Hasna, and Maul attended in the Italian story (a.k.a. “Ramadhan – Italian Style!”).

Francesca repeatedly mistakes Hasna as a boy by her signature short blonde wig and boyish looks, which she denies by hiding under the table and coming back with her long black hair.


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