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TCoH 4, Episode 144

Mei 23, 2016

One sunny day in the Hits Academy.

Devina: Ahhh, it sure is nice to take a breath of fresh air. Don’t you think?
Tommy: (Australian accent) You bet I do, mate.
Vendry: Uh-huh! And I can’t believe I will get married in Sunday! Oh my God, this is adorable! I will finally wear my finest dress!
(phone rings)
Devina: The phone! You stay here, I will answer it while I take a nice body scrub before I can take a nice, cold shower.

(Devina, now showing some skin, answers the phone. It’s the Chief…)

National treasure stolen from Lisbon.
The treasure has been identified as Vendryana Ayu Larasati’s wedding dress.
Male suspect reported at the scene of the crime.
Your assignment:
Track down the thief from Lisbon to his hideout and arrest him!
You must apprehend the thief by Sunday, 10PM.

Good luck, Senior Inspector Devina.

(She then came out from the shower, this time wearing clothes)

Devina: Cue all the Hits Heroes and the other Indovidgram members! I will drive the car to Lisbon, and fast.

At Lisbon…
There was a man, in about his 40’s. From his clothes, we could tell he was a ringmaster. And he didn’t seem happy. When Devina, Vendry,.Tommy, Dzaky, and Shafira Zachrany, the new kid in the Green Team came to Portugal, the ringmaster greeted them with a frown.

George Greenapple: (sternly) Come with me.

Greenapple hit the table real hard from anger. He then said something with a rather loud voice.

Greenapple: You know why I called you here?
Tommy: Because you want to say hi?
Greenapple: Nay. Now sit down. (still angry) All these years I’ve been a ringmaster in the annual Lisbon Circus. I’ve seen all of them and I hated it. Trapezes, ballerinas, lion taming, unicycles, Taylor Swift… I hated everything. But mostly, I… I…
Devina: Tell us. We’d appreciate it.
Greenapple: I hate clowns.
(Our Heroes didn’t understand)
Greenapple: You get it?! I HATE clowns! They make me throw up!
(Our Heroes didn’t seem to really understand Greenapple, so they clowned around and made puns in front of him, much to his anger)
Greenapple: CLOWNS!!! (echoes) That’s not funny! Man, come on!
Dzaky: You seem angry.
Greenapple: I’ve always been angry. But now, I’m stung all over!
Shafira Zachrany: (sighs) You’re an apple.
Greenapple: First off, no one messes with an angry ringmaster. Secondly, I’m technically a grown-up man, and it’s rude to call me an apple for my name is George Greenapple! Call me by my full name!
Dzaky and Shafira Zachrany: Yes, yes, Mr. George Greenapple, sir.
Greenapple: CLOWNS!!! (echoes) Now I’ve heard from my archenemy, the Chief Chandra Timothy Liow that Vendry’s wedding dress is missing.
Vendry: But I am Vendryana Ayu Larasati, and I’m married with my long-time boyfriend Benazio Rizki Putra on Sunday!
Greenapple: Nobody cares! I’ll give you 7 days to return that dress. NOW GET DOWN THERE, STOP CLOWNING AROUND, AND NEVER, EVER, MAKE ME LAUGH!

Greenapple then hired the Trolls instead to become the circus act on Vendry and Bena’s wedding.

Greenapple: Ah, here’s what I’m looking for! A real circus act!
Mr. Mizi: We’re not here to clown around.
Mr. Dadi: We’re here to perform in Bena and Vendry’s wedding reception.
Greenapple: But you never clowned around! Yet you, you never made me laugh!
Mr. Sofwan: We’re not here to make you laugh. We want to show them some boy band realness! Isn’t that right, Gus?
Mr. Agus: (laughs)
Mr. Sofwan: He’s right. Now, Greenapple, make us proud and we owe you some cinnamon toast after we performed!

As of now, our Heroes’ Portuguese story begins…


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