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TCoH 4, Episodes 151-155

Juni 3, 2016

Just to make a long story short…

Aulion is in Spain, but not just for a wee little case; he’s going to attend the “Come Together” press-conference. He got a case from Barei to track down the Banana Split Bandit with Mufida. But the Banana Split Bandit they were tracking down was just an attractive teenage girl under the name Khalisha Salma. And she is secretly… a female Black Alter Ego, yet she also has swift moves.

Khalisha, wearing her black bodysuit, was then seen showering. Aulion said he was a big fan.

Yesterday, Aulion and Mufida planned to infiltrate the Canary Islands of southern Spain, just above North Africa. There the latter learned how to swim.

And today, Aulion and the rest of the “Come Together” cast are preparing for their movie’s press-conference…

Anyone here remember the full cast of “Come Together”?

  • Aulion as himself, a rebellious, ill-behaved boy turned man who spent his youth in Bandung. He, the main protagonist in the movie, is told as one of the founding fathers of Indovidgram (also in real life). Aldi Jafar portrayed young Aulion.
  • Talitha Sahda as Rania, a genius girl and Aulion’s love interest.
  • Benakribo as himself, another ill-behaved boy who is Aulion’s best friend. He is the deuteragonist in the movie. Young Bena is portrayed by Adam Azka.
  • Dhino Haryo as himself, another rebellious boy who is also Aulion’s best friend. He is the tritagonist in the movie. Rizky Anas portrayed young Dhino.
  • Nadiefa Hasna as Ardina, Dhino’s love interest.
  • Hanifah Khairunnisa as Vendry, Bena’s love interest.

As for the press-conference…
In real life, it will be held in the Cisangkuy location of Alcent SHS.
In TCoH 4, it will be held in Palacio Real, Madrid.

What are we waiting for? Join us as we will see Aulion, Sahda, Bena, Dhino, Nadiefa, and Hani shine like stars!


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