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Annoying Orange – Asteroranges (transcript)

Juni 5, 2016

All rights belong to Daneboe Productions.

(title card)
Orange: (laughing)

Player: Alright, let’s blow up some asteroids!
Orange: Hey, hey spaceship! I wanted lunch, but I was hoping for something METEOR! (laughing)
Player: Shut up! (shoots and Orange doubles)
Orange: Whoa, I’m half the fruit I used to be! (laughing)
Player: Ungh! (keeps shooting as Orange doubles)
Orange: Whoa! I should be a math teacher, ’cause I really know how to MULTIPLY! Wheee!
Player: Gimme a break!
Orange: (laughing) This rocks! (laughing) Looks like you don’t know the GRAVITY of the situation! (laughing)
Player: Shut up and blow up!
Orange: If you’re gonna take a trip, you really need to PLANET! (laughing)
Player: This is awful!
Orange: Hey! Where are you going? Am I INVADING your SPACE? (laughing)
Player: Urgh! That’s it!
Orange: Hey, hey spaceship! Hey spaceship, hey!
Player: What?! What is it?!
Orange: Heeey! Hey, spaceship!
Player: WHAT?!
Orange: Aliens.
Player: Nooo- (gets shot by an alien ship)
Orange: Whoa! Poor spaceship. That UFO was out of this world! (laughing)
Player: (groans)

– Orange
– Player character


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