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Renee Santz in Austria

Juni 5, 2016

Renee: Hey there! Any tour guide worth her salt knows about Salzburg. Let me show you around.

The royal Hapsburg family controlled Austria than most of Europe during the 15th century. Once a sprawling empire, Austria has remained a center of culture, especially classical music. This Alpine nation has spawned a string of musical geniuses, including Mozart and Strauss.

In 1614, the Salzburg Cathedral burned to the ground. And this newer cathedral was built on the same spot to replace it. Architect Santino Solari enhanced its Baroque style by combining it with earlier Roman design. As you can see, the result may be partly Baroque, but it still works.

Smaller buildings astute on Mönchsberg Hill in Salzburg since Roman times. But this one, the Hohensalzburg Fortress, is one of the largest and best-preserved in Europe. It was started in the 11th century by German builders, and took 600 years to complete. Now it fits like a crown of stone, above the city of Salzburg.

People have lived in the Salzburg area since 4,000 BC. And the town has stood here since 45 AD. The heart of this Austrian capital is here, in the residence lot, built around 1600 in the Baroque style, by the archbishop who ruled the city like kings.

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart composed some of the greatest pieces of classical music in the world. Born in Salzburg in 1756, Mozart began writing music when he was only 5 years old. Although he achieved fame in his lifetime, he died in poverty. A statue in Salzburg honors his memory, and his house can still be visited today.


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