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Renee Santz in Germany

Juni 5, 2016

Renee: Guten Tag! Let’s say hi to Heidelberg.

Heidelberg is the oldest university town in Europe, dating back to 1386. The people have lived here far longer. The remains of the Heidelberg man discovered near the city are said to be 600,000 years old. It sure took him a long time to graduate.

Built on a hill overlooking the city, the Schlag or castle here in Heidelberg is a triumph of German architecture. Its decorative facade reveals a taste for intricate architectural design. The interior reveals another kind of taste altogether. The castle contains the largest wine barrel in the world.

Located in the center of Europe, Germany has also been a center of conflict and commerce. In 1671, a patchwork of independent state united on depression leadership, become a powerful country. Germany was defeated in two World Wars and divided after World War II. Reunification allowed properties strict in East Germany to join with West Germany, one of the world’s economic giants.

The Neckar River flows out of narrow wooded valleys, and across the Upper Rhine Plain, before joining the Rhine River. On its journey, it passes through here, being one of Heidelberg’s landmarks – the magnificent Old Bridge.



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