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Renee Santz in Spain

Juni 5, 2016

Renee: Como esta usted? Let’s bustle about in Barcelona’s Park Guell.

Antonio Gaudi was born in 1852, and became an architect – a man after my own heart. He experimented with unique fantastical designs, and is famous for mosaics like these, made of multi-colored tiles, scraps, and broken china plates.

Barcelona has a reputation for being cosmopolitan and progressive, and parked because of Antonio Gaudi’s unique creations, like the ones around here. However, the most important of his creations is the Sagrada Familia Cathedral. Although unfinished, its towering organic structure makes it one of the 20th century’s greatest architectural achievements. You should go visit it some time.

Antonio Gaudi used natural form to fit the surrounding landscape. He designed Park Guell to fit into the hill on which it was built. Notice how the columns look like tree trunks, and fountains are shaped like dragons. But Gaudi’s designs are more than just artistic; his famous tiled mosaics are also waterproof.

When a wealthy patron asked Antonio Gaudi to create a suburban garden village, the architect created this amazing community known as Park Guell. Although the park was a financial failure, it has become a monument of Gaudi’s artistic genius.



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