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Trivia behind the Italian story

Juni 7, 2016

Next week the Italian story kicks off… the most anticipated story in TCoH 4!

  • The fighter plane-loving gang; me, Fina, Hasna, Ghafiki, and Sahda gather in Rome to stop Maul from shooting our favorite planes.
  • The fact that girls also like fighter planes is reinforced in this story; Fina and Hasna attended the Italian Air Force Academy for Girls in Rome.
  • The Three Idiots mark their return to TCoH in this story, after being rescued from possession.
  • In chapters 3-5, Fina and Hasna skip school three days straight to unravel the secrets of Eurofighter Typhoon. They went to the Colosseum of Rome, the Roman Forum, and a pizza factory.
  • Fina has a close bond with Francesca Michielin in this story.
  • Mr. Sofwan and Maul show their teamwork once again, attempting to shoot Su-27 and F-15, Fina and Hasna’s favorite fighter planes, respectively.

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