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X MIA 3, X MIA 4, and X MIA 6 finish Centmove movies

Juni 9, 2016

Three movies have been submitted by X MIA 3, X MIA 4, and X MIA 6.

X MIA 3’s movie is a drama entitled “Unspoken”, focusing on the story of Ipe, a boy raised from a family with a broken home who underwent a relationship with a different kind of girl. Ipe is portrayed by Muhammad Iqbal Permana himself. Also starring Nurhanifah Mauladina, Lathifah Abirrania Sausan, and Fakhri Miftah Firdaus.

X MIA 4 entered their action movie, “Sunrise Attack”, telling about the story of Agent Farras (Farras Nauval), who had a wife (Maitsa Fauzia) and a daughter (Layalia Atsna), both kidnapped by bank robbers. Agent Farras, with his friends, Iqbal, Zakiy, Nafat, Ghina, and Razan beat the bank robbers successfully and rescued his small family.

X MIA 6’s movie, “#LOST”, is a rather horror movie. Four friends, Khalisha, Adi, Naufal, and Nia discovered a haunted house. Starring Khalisha Salma, Adrian Aminur Rahman, Muhammad Naufal, and Fajrianti Ramadhini Nur Mileniati.

Watch them in Centmove 2016 on June 18, 2016.
Take your parents as well.

With soundtrack from:
Cesis Rahmi – “Lighthouse” (originally by Nina Kraljic, OST Unspoken)
Thirafy Kamilan – “Meguriau Sekai” (originally by SES, OST Sunrise Attack)
Faza Raufa – “Hear them calling” (originally by Greta Salome, OST #LOST)

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