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X MIA 2 present Centmove 2016 film “Losers”

Juni 10, 2016

Ever wonder how it feels to live 10 years ago? Just ask Aul, Fima, and Silmi.

They are alumni of the same university. Silmi works as a manager in his dad’s workplace. Fima is a retired model, and Aul is… just Aul. They shared their stories they had experienced 10 years ago.

In 2006, Silmi was a student in SMAN 25 Tangerang Selatan, Tangerang Selatan, Banten. He experienced being attacked by roughnecks. He had nothing to rely on but a handkerchief his girlfriend Kamila gave him.

In 2006 also, Fima was a model from Ngawi tired of her job. She got sick of photoshoots, interviews, and so on that she needed some time alone. She even got tired of paparazzi. Until Aul quit being her best friend.

There is also another character in the movie who had experienced living in 2006. It’s Rafi. He is the son of a vegetable seller who studies hard because he wanted to become an electrician. Electricians work hard to repair the electricity.

10 years passed, and now they parted ways forever.

Starring Fima Perdani Rahayu, Muhammad Silmi Makarim, and Aulia Natasha.
Featuring original soundtrack by Rifky Syahreza – “Miracles in December” (originally by EXO).


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