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TCoH 4, Episode 165

Juni 13, 2016

And now…
The moment you’ve waiting for this month!
Ramadan, Italian Style! (a.k.a. the Italian story)

Midnight, in Rome.

Mr. Sofwan: Maulani… Maul… (snickering)
(Maul was in the middle of finishing her supper when Mr. Sofwan called her. She faced her cousin’s room)
Maul: Yes, Your Majesty.
Mr. Sofwan: Maul, we’ve got a big problem. Ever since my diabolical cousin Fina destroyed our anti-aircraft gun supply we’ve ran out of money real fast. We haven’t shot Su-27 and therefore we haven’t any pizza for 3 months. You don’t mind if you help me with this great caper?
Maul: What are we doing, Your Majesty?
Mr. Sofwan: Enough. Let’s get out.

Mr. Sofwan then showed a massive anti-aircraft gun in front of the Colosseum.

Mr. Sofwan: Look, Maul. That there is a big anti-aircraft gun, my miracle. All you have to do is inspect if there are any fighter planes flying in the Roman sky by Sunday. You must shoot Su-27 by Sunday or we won’t be rich. You stay there, I’ll steal the ceiling from the Sistine Chapel.
Maul: Uh-oh… (this is a crazy job, but I’ll do it…)
Mr. Sofwan: (Boogeyman laugh)

8 hours later…

Hasna: I can’t believe we’re in Italy! I can’t wait to eat a plate of pizza after we solve a case!
Fina: But it’s Ramadan, and we can’t eat until Maghrib. Even if we have to, we have to show tolerance by not eating in front of people that are not fasting.
Hasna: Whatever. Here we are, Fin. Rome.

While they where relaxing in the Piazza del Popolo, a rather big pamphlet hit Hasna’s face. She read it, and afterwards she got angry.

Fina: What’s wrong, Has?
Hasna: Maul! MAUL! I can’t believe we’ve got to come face-to-face against that AA Gun Girl!
Fina: What?!
Hasna: She wants to shoot our favorite fighter planes, Su-27 and F-15! This is terrible!
Fina: Yeah, I’m also mad about that, but look at the bottom right corner of the pamphlet! Our case!

National treasure stolen from Rome.
The treasure has been identified as the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel.
Female suspect reported at the scene of the crime.
Your assignment:
Track down the thief from Rome to her hideout and arrest her!

You must apprehend the thief by Sunday, 10PM.
Good luck, Inspector Fina.

Just when they were talking, Maul approached.

Maul: What’s up, girls?
Fina: Um… hi, Maul. You’re not here to destroy our favorite planes, aren’t you?
Maul: I don’t have to. You see, my dad forced me to attend the Italian Air Force Academy for Girls in this city. You have to come with me.
Fina: Sounds crazy, but… alright.

Fina, Hasna, and Maul were then seen with identical blue blazers. They are greeted by Francesca Michielin, the teacher.

Francesca: (Italian accent) Buongiorno, and welcome to the Italian Air Force Academy for Girls! My name is Francesca Michielin, and I’m your teacher! And don’t just think of me as a beautiful, attractive woman. I’m also tough like a fighter plane pilot! Call me Signora Francesca Michielin.
Hasna: (to Fina) Man, she’s beautiful.
Francesca: Um… are you a boy, bambino? (pointing to Hasna)
Hasna: I am? (vanishes, then comes back with her signature long black hair) No. I just do it to look boyish. Inside, I’m a feminine girl.
Francesca: Whatever. OK, let’s start our lesson!
Fina: Signora Michielin?
Francesca: Si? Yes?
Fina: Can I go to the bathroom for a while? (by means to going out with Hasna)
Francesca: Si, bambina. Yes.
Fina: Come on, Hasna. Let’s go out.

I won’t make it into a detail story.


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