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TCoH 4, Episodes 166-168

Juni 16, 2016

Episode 166:
Fina and Hasna attempted to skip school after discovering the secrets of Maul’s favorite fighter plane, the Eurofighter Typhoon, known to be the most aggressive fighter plane in history. Without the knowledge of Francesca, they set off a journey in the suburbs of Rome when our favorite couple, Ghafiki and Sahda, came.

Episode 167:
Fina and Hasna went to the Amalfi Coast of southern Italy and discovered one piece of the Eurofighter Typhoon wing.
Later that night, Francesca came to Mr. Sofwan’s place, and he fell in love with her (although he has a wife). Maul attempted to shoot Su-27, but instead she shot down Su-30, which angered her cousin and made Sahda faint.

Episode 168:
Our Heroes took a hike in the Italian Appenine Mountains.
And this time Maul will shoot F-15 for sure, but let’s wait later.


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