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X IBB present “The Boogeyman” for Centmove 2016

Juni 16, 2016

There might be no E-Club in X IBB, but it seems like our friends there have completed their Centmove 2016 entry, “The Boogeyman”.

A horror comedy film, this is curiously the only Centmove 2016 entry being animated, when Mrs. Asri (Bahasa Indonesia teacher and X IBB’s homeroom teacher) produced the film with a collaboration between DreamWorks Animation and Pixar Animation Studios. The movie is loosely based on a The Backyardigans episode, “The Funnyman Boogeyman”.

The story is as follows…
College students Bob and Elena are off to set their journey for their first ever spooky creature. But the Boogeyman they’ve caught is just a deceased retired comedian looking for audience.

This film is one of the darkest horses to win Centmove 2016, behind X IIS 2’s “Come Together” and X MIA 4’s “Sunrise Attack”.

Featuring original soundtrack from Ahmad Izzah – “I didn’t know” (originally by Serhat).


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