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Panas Hits Radio top 10 (July 2, 2016)

Juni 24, 2016
  1. Sergey Lazarev – “You are the only one”
  2. Barei and Voicent – “Say yay!”
  3. Hasna Lathifah – “Rude boy”
  4. Tarmizi PP – “Himawari no Yakusoku”
  5. High Society feat. Nadhira Raisya – “Kung maibabalik ko lang”
  6. Rayi Putra and Friends – “#MODUS”
  7. Duo Gail – “You’re not alone”
  8. Nadiefa Hasna – “I stand”
  9. Raisa – “Kali kedua”
  10. Geum Rey – “Can’t forgive”

And by the way – Tetragirls have changed their name into Leviathan after being left by 2 of their members; Kirana and you-know-who. Four new members have now joined Hasna and Najla. They are Fima, Fathia, Azzahra, and Zirly. Their new single will be written by Bok Dong of High Society, who will produce it as well. The single’s title is yet to be announced, however.

35. Ijal – “Belah duren”
33. Aulion – “Show me the meaning of being lonely”
29. Chandraliow, Tommy Limmm, and Aulion – “Days like today”


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