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TCoH 4 updates (as of June 27, 2016)

Juni 29, 2016

Hey guys, you wouldn’t believe what changes I have given to your favorite radio station fan-fiction after my laptop underwent repairs. Right now I’m using my sister’s laptop – my laptop has no access to internet in my room.

TCoH 4 has changed ever since the Sammarinese story ended. One of our Heroes in the Red Team, Koharo, has quit being a Hits Hero and is now replaced by Maulani Salsabila. Maul is now dubbed the “Air Force Protector”, and is Fina and Hasna’s new best friend.

Speaking of Air Force, it is revealed that our Heroes are descended from military organizations.

  • Red Team = Air Force
  • Yellow Team = Ground Force
  • Purple Team = Marine Force
  • Green Team = Dragon Jocks
  • Blue Team = Alter Egos

This applies to the younger Heroes. BTW, for next week’s story – the Maltese story, that is – Arap is returning to his old job as a doctor.


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