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X IIS 2 win Centmove 2016

Juli 1, 2016

The last thing heard from X IIS 2 is we have won Centmove 2016! After weeks of hardwork and some days off for shooting, we have won the annual Alcent SHS movie festival, the first year as tenth graders. Now we are in the 11th grade and we will never forget that moment.

“Come Together” beat 9 other movies that make it to the top 5: “Unbroken” (X MIA 3), “Sunrise Attack” (X MIA 4), “Ocean Alert!” (X MIA 9), “The Boogeyman” (X IBB), “Osilasi” (XI MIA 1), “No Way Out” (XI MIA 3), “Anomalie” (XI MIA 4), “Lakuna” (XI MIA 9), and “Rajapati” (XI MIA 10). We made that devastating blow by scoring our first win in any Alcent-related contest.


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