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Complete cast of “Unbroken”

Juli 4, 2016

X MIA 3 recently had achieved the runner-up title of Centmove 2016. But who are the people behind “Unbroken”, the movie that took them towards being a runner-up?

  • Muhammad Iqbal Permana as Ipe, a rebellious but kind-hearted boy with a broken home condition who got his superpowers after a cookie jar fell on his head.
  • Nurhanifah Mauladina as Dinda, Ipe’s hardworking and fierce but beautiful girlfriend.
  • Fakhri Miftah Firdaus as Ipe’s dad.
  • Lathifah Abirrania Sausan as Ipe’s mom.
  • Esa Muhammad Daffa Abdullah as an acquaintance of Ipe’s dad who took Ipe to his new house.
  • Heru Prasetyo as Rafi, Ipe’s annoying housemate.
  • Azka Muhammad Zaid as Radit, the class bully.
  • Muhammad Firdho as Fadhil, Radit’s video game-loving best friend.
  • Muhammad Gerardi Maula as Lutfi, Radit’s obese and sushi-loving best friend.
  • Risya Qonitah Rihad as Ipe’s teacher.

A sequel is set to be released on March 22, 2017.


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