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Herman Nootix in Israel

Juli 4, 2016

Herman: Shalom, and welcome to Israel. Let’s explore old Yafo.

Yafo is one of the oldest ports in the world. How old is it, you ask? Old enough than it shows up in Greek mythology and in both testiments of the Bible. In short, quite old.

See the city of Tel Aviv in the distance? It didn’t even exist a hundred years ago. In 1908 a group of Jewish people living in the crowded city of Yafo decided they wanted a little more room. So, they moved north, and started a small suburb called Tel Aviv. Now Tel Aviv is Israel’s largest city, and Yafo is just one small section of it.

Old Yafo’s ancient buildings and open-air markets take you back to an earlier time. Most of what you’ll find here was built when the Ottoman Turks controlled the city, several hundred years ago. Which come to think about it, isn’t that old, considering the town has existed for at least 4,000 years! But, as my uncle’s cousin’s son-in-law Simon says, everything is relative.

Israel is a country both ancient and new. In 1948, the modern Jewish state of Israel was born. Much of ancient civilization and three of the world’s major religions traced their routes back to this area.



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