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TCoH 4, Episode 192

Juli 10, 2016

Ghafiki came to my house today just before my Jogja family came. He told me not to change the language when my cousin Cakra is watching CBeebies. When we were watching the channel, I attempted to change the language, but Ghafiki told me not to. Suddenly the lights went out and the TV screen broke… and we ran outside in fear.

Suddenly Arap approached us with Fina, Hasna, and Maul, who had previously been changed into kitty cats by the possessed Ela. Fina told Orange to use Flamethrower to burn Ela, followed by Hasna telling Kumquat to use Hammer Arm to knock her out temporarily. After that, Maul told Heracross to give her Rawst Berry to Ela to recover her from the burn. Everything went back to normal.

A few seconds after recovery, Ela told our Heroes she felt happy and invited everyone for sushi at the Hits Radio office. Sadly, Ghafiki declined because he had to pick up Sahda in the Husein Sastranagara International Airport. She recently got back from Medan. And yet he did go to Husein.

Ryzzaki Putra – “Never let you go” music video

Oh, and yes, Ghafiki went back from Jakarta today. Originally he and his family wanted to go home in Tuesday, but he refused and asked for going in Sunday because he wanted to pick up Sahda.


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