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Dee Plomassy in Canada

Juli 17, 2016

Dee: Lovely to see you. I’m Dee Plomassy, your special envoy here. Allow me to fill you in on the political subtleties of this lovely locale.

Here’s Canada’s Houses of Parliament. They look a lot like England’s parliament buildings, and the political system inside is based on England’s too. The whole show is won by the head of the ruling party, the Prime Minister, who, by the way, is an old friend of mine. Ask him if I can get a tip of toupee.

This big burner in front of the Parliament is the Centennial Flame, lit in 1967 to commemorate the hundredth anniversary of Canadian independence. I’ve generated a lot of good will towards you here, so please, no roasting marshmallows.

My favorite thing about Canada, they became independent country without ever going to war. In 1867, Canada changed from a British territory to a self-governing dominion, by negotiating and communicating. That’s right – they did it the smart way.

Canada’s capital is a lot like Canada; big, beautiful, and bilingual. Parts of Canada were settled by the English, and other parts by the French. And ever since independence in 1867, English and French have been the two official languages. You’ll hear them both everyday in this town.

We’re not just in the capital here. We’re also in Ontario, the most populous of Canada’s provinces. More than 10 million people call Ontario home, and most live here in Ottawa, or in Toronto, Canada’s largest city.

I just love this city. Ottawa is named after a tribe who used to trade with the British soldiers posted here. It might have stayed a little outpost if England’s Queen Victoria hadn’t chosen to make it capital back in 1857. After that, it didn’t stay little for long.



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