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Dee Plomassy in Hungary

Juli 17, 2016

Dee: Hello, and welcome to Budapest. Let’s explore.

Many different countries invaded Budapest over the centuries, so there are all different kinds of structures here. Not just from different time and space, but using different regional styles too. A Turkish castle, a Roman fort, a Gothic church… a walk around town is a walk through the history of European architecture.

If you think your Hungarian friends are different from your Czech, Polish, or Russian friends, you’re right. And here’s why. Those neighboring countries were settled by Germanic and Slavic people. But Hungary is founded a thousand years ago by Magyars, a nomadic tribe from Central Asia.

Budapest used to be two separate cities; Buda and Pest. Then, in the 1840s, they were joined by this bridge, across the Danube River. The Chain Bridge quickly became a symbol of Budapest. After it was destroyed in World War II, the city made sure to reconstruct the bridge just as its designer had originally created it, stone lions, and all. Some symbols just can’t be improved upon.



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