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Dee Plomassy in Russia

Juli 17, 2016

Dee: Welcome to Moscow’s Red Square, where political change is in the air.

Moscow’s Kremlin moons over most of Red Square. What’s a Kremlin? A huge walled fortress. It includes dozens of individual buildings, palaces, churches, guard towers, museums, and gardens. It was the home of the Tsar, and after the Communist revolution in 1917, the seat of the Soviet government.

Here’s the Kremlin’s newest addition; the Lenin Mausoleum. Vladimir Lenin led the Russian Revolution back in 1917. He always said he wanted to be buried in a simple grave, but obviously, that didn’t happen.

Moscow’s historical museum has an almost impossible job. Think of it; Russia covers the sixth of the planet, on two continents, and the people have lived under emperors, tsars, Communist dictators, and a confusion of a brand new democracy. Amazingly, all that history is shown in one museum. I’m glad it’s not my job.

Across from the Kremlin stands GUM, Moscow’s mega-department store. Since Communism ended, GUM has become a mall, with lots of stores selling lots of different goods. Unfortunately, most of it is too expensive for the average Russian.

Of all the amazing buildings in Red Square, Saint Basil’s Cathedral is the flashiest. Tsar Ivan the Terrible built it around 600 years ago. Since then, one poet compared it to an honored porcupine. Another poet compared it to an irregular fruit. When people ask me, I say one thing; WOW.



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