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Dee Plomassy in the United Kingdom

Juli 17, 2016

Dee: Welcome to London, capital of the UK. Come along for a royal tour.

Look for clues around this clock tower, the biggest timepiece in Britain. Most people call the tower Big Ben, but that’s a mistake. Big Ben is the bell inside the tower that chimes every hour. If you’re still searching for clues when it rings, you’re probably running late.

Oddly enough, this beautiful English city was founded by Roman invaders in 43 AD. They built a walled city, made it their capital, and after they left, it stays that way. Through hundreds of kings, queens, fires, wars, good times, and bad, the city grew. Now it’s one of the biggest, richest cities on the planet.

The Lion is a favorite symbol in Great Britain, appearing on the Queen’s crest, the Scottish flag, and in stones here in front of County Hall. This fellow may have seen your suspect, but it’s no use asking. He’s keeping a very stiff opponent.

Behind the Lion is County Hall. Seven stories high, half a block long, and empty. Former Prime Minister Thatcher dissolved the local government 10 years ago, so its headquarters have been deserted ever since.

London isn’t all business and government. Entertainment reigns supreme here too, especially Life Theatre. From splashing musicals to the immortal classics, no city in the world offers more to see on stage. After all, this is the place where Shakespeare first produced all his plays. He knew a good audience when he saw one.

Ah, Parliament. In Great Britain, this is the heart of government. Elected members in the House of Commons make laws. Aristocrats in the House of Lords debate laws. And the Prme Minister appointed by the majority party runs the show. The system has worked for about 500 years. Give or take a tyrant down there, and a civil war or two.



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