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TCoH 4, Episode 199

Juli 17, 2016

Our Heroes didn’t realize they were imprisoned in their new studio in Badak Singa Street Number 6, Bandung (when really, this is the Slovene story). Dzaky was very angry. He attempted to break open the cage with Shafira, which they successfully did.

Dzaky: If it weren’t for Mr. Roni we would still be continuing our adventure.
Shafira: Why?
Dzaky: He lied to us! First the kitten, then the trailer, and now, the dragon soup?! Now look! I’ve got nausea and terminal confusion! And there are butterflies in my stomach! Literally! (showing his stomach, full of butterflies) Is this what they call… (blossomed) LOVE?
Shafira: Dzaky, are you suddenly in love with me?
Mr. Roni: Of course not! You literally have butterflies in your stomach from eating that dragon soup I made!
Dzaky: Whatever, Sir. You let go of Grapefruit!
Mr. Roni: No! I’m having him for dinner– (slapped in the mouth by Mr. Mizi)
Mr. Mizi: You heard my man. Let go of his Pokefruit immediately. Ew.
Mr. Roni: What? I won’t. I’m literally having him OVER for dinner. This is just a misunderstanding, Mizi.
Mr. Mizi: Not by your definition, you’re not. You’re literally having Grapefruit for your dinner, adding him some seasoning, attempting to boil him… what are you making, Ron- dragon stock? That’s a bad job for a dragon trapper/economics teacher.

Meanwhile, in the heights of the Julian Alps…

Fina: Deploy Sukhoi Su-27 Flanker!
Hasna: Deploy McDonnell Douglas F-15 Eagle!
Maul: Deploy Eurofighter Typhoon!
(the Red Team’s girls were training their planes, shooting down AGMs to the caves in Triglav)

Mr. Mizi: Missiles?
Shafira: It’s the Air Force girls! They are descended from the Air Force and want to save us!
Mr. Mizi: Nonsense! They’re causing a landslide everywhere! Let’s get out of here!
Dzaky: Run, everyone! Run for your lives! And that’s my line, Sir.
Mr. Mizi: Whatever.

3 hours later, after a long physical fight between Grapefruit and Mr. Roni…

Mr. Roni: I’m sorry I trolled you all.
Mr. Mizi: That’s no problem. It’s all thanks to Dzaky and Shafira.
Mr. Roni: By the way, make way as I apologize to these kids.
Dzaky: That’s OK, Mr. Roni, Sir.
Shafira: You don’t need to apologize to us.
Mr. Roni: Why? Because I trapped you… in your new Hits Radio studio! Ta-da! Welcome to the new Hits Radio studio! Basically, those Ardan Group jollies bought us from Dahlia Group and now we’re with them! Congratulations!

Semua Hits Ada di Sini~

And our Heroes became shocked upon learning that inside the sturdiness of Mr. Roni is the beauty of ManuElla!


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