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Kingdom of Kutai

Juli 23, 2016

First history post after 2 months…
And BTW, my homeroom teacher in XI IIS 2 is not Ms. Wulan, but rather a history teacher, Mrs. Nurul.

Kutai Martadipura is a Hindu-patterned kingdom in the archipelago of Indonesia that has the oldest historical evidence. It stood around the 4th century. The kingdom is located in Muara Kaman, East Kalimantan, exactly in the upstream of the Mahakam River. The name Kutai was given by experts who took on the name of the discovery of the inscriptions which indicate the existence of the kingdom. There was no inscription that clearly mentioned the name of the kingdom and indeed very little information that could be obtained.

The existing information was obtained from Yupa or inscriptions in sacrifice ceremonies from the 4th century. There were seven yupa that became the main sources for experts in interpreting the history of the Kingdom of Kutai. Yupa is a stone monument that served as a memorial made by brahmins for the generosity of King Mulawarman. In the Hindu faith, cattle are not slaughtered as in the sacrifice done by Muslims. From one of the yupa was noted that the king who ruled the kingdom at the time was Mulawarman. His name was recorded in yupa for his generosity of handing out 20,000 cattle to brahmins. It could be seen that according to the book “Sejarah Nasional Indonesia II: Zaman Kuno” by Marwati Djoened Poesponegoro and Nugroho Notosusanto published by Balai Pustaka page 36.

Aswawarman was the son of King Kudungga. He was also known as the founder of the Kutai Dynasty giving him the title Wangsakerta, which means the family creator. Aswawarman had three sons, and one of them was Mulawarman.

Aswawarman’s son was Mulawarman. From the yupa was noted that in the reign of Mulawarman, the Kingdom of Kutai reached its golden age. He ruled over almost the entire East Kalimantan. The Kutai people lived well and prosper.

The Kingdom of Kutai is as if no longer visible by the outer world because of a lack of communication with the foreign side, very few heard its name.

Mulawarman was the son of Aswawarman and the grandson of Kudungga. The name Mulawarman and Aswawarman was very thick with the influence of Sanskrit language judging from the way of its writing. Kudungga was the authority of the Kingdom of Champa (Cambodia) who came to Indonesia. Kudungga himself allegedly not embraced Hinduism.

The Kingdom of Kutai ended when Maharaja Dharma Setia died in war on the hands of the 13th King of Kutai Kartanagara, Aji Pangeran Anum Panji Mendapa. Keep in mind that this Kutai (Kutai Martadipura) was distinguished from the Kingdom of Kutai Kartanagara in which the capital was in Kutai Lama.

Next, Kutai Kartanagara became a Muslim kingdom.


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